The hostellers have to bear in mind the following rules to make the hostel a better. Place with a pleasant and congenial atmosphere for all inmates.

  1. The hostel applicant should belong to a, family that enjoys the reputation of respectability in his home town. The family must have the status of a law-abiding citizen.
  2. The guardian must be financially sound in order to be in a position to pay the Hostel dues promptly and regularly.
  3. The application must supply ONE guarantee or proof from a person of authority from his town, or village at the time of admission.
  4. Hostellers are NOT permitted to indulge in Smoking, Drinking or Chewing Paan - Masala in or out of Hostel. Strict action shall be taken against students who are found breaking this rule.
  5. Visitors will be allowed to visit students ONLY on visiting Days. Visitors are NOT permitted to go inside the Hostel or the Dormitories. For visitation the visitors Lounging areas is available.
  6. The guardians are granted permission to take their wards out for the weekend Only if the permission is obtained from the Hostel Manager. If any Hosteller is found guilty of leaving. the Hostel, premises without permission he can be dismissed.
  7. Personal hygiene and cleanliness are of prime concern to us. Students have to bathe daily and keep their beds clean. The bed linen must be washed weekly.
  8. Hostel, maintains a secular system. Students are permitted to say their prayers in their own manner: At mealtime and bedtime a secular prayer is repeated. In an Educational institution, Education is our "DHARMA" (religion) and learning is our worship.
  9. Special attention is paid to the SPEECH and LANGUAGE of Hostellers. Polite words and decent manners are' our greatest concern. There is a special stress on English speaking so that the children may acquire fluency.
  10. Good MORALS and scrupulous behavior are expected of each student. Dishonesty, Cheating, lying Immoral acts, Stealing, Bribing, Abusive language, Cruelty and indecency are NEVER TOLERATED in, the hostel. The hostel staff is particular to teach the right moral values, but if a child is repeatedly disobeying and indulging in immoral-behavior very serious action is taken against them.
  11. Love, Co-operation, sharing and understanding each other needs and problems have to be the hosteller's way of life. Each inmate has to be thoughtful, mindful and concerned about his fellow inmates comfort and convenience.
  12. At all time students have to remember that God is watching over them and the wishes and teachings of the God Almighty must be remembered for a successful human coexistence.

Foresight, courage, confidence and right behavior are the key words for the success of our students, and we hope that with these in mind our students will rise to a great height of prosperity.