The following are NOT to be done at all in School

1. Disobeying School Rules
2. Indulging in any form of Immoral Activity
3. Being Rude to Teachers/ Staff and Fellow Students
4. Shouting in School corridors or the Campus
5. Missing Classes without permission
6. Coming Late to School
7. Having less than 75% Attendance in School
8. Absence during Examination or Test
9. Missing School Assembly
10. Missing School Programmes or National Festivals at School
11. Bringing Mobile Phones to school
12. Carrying Explosive Material or Arms of any sort to School
13. Fighting in or around the School Campus.
14. Dirtying / Defacing / Damaging School Property
15. Dirtying / Damaging/ Defacing Class room Furniture
16. Cheating or using Unfair means in any School Activity/Exam/Test
17. Posting or Writing Objectionable matter about Staff, Students or the School in Print or in Books/ Notebooks or even On the Internet
18. Bringing / wearing expensive jewelry /toys/ watches/ Gadgets etc. to school


(A) student is granted leave only if a leave application is submitted. Absence without leave application is an offence for which a fine maybe charged.
(B) Sick Leave can be given for three days at a stretch only if application is submitted on the day of the absence. For sick Leave medical certificate is required if absence is for more than three days. Maximum medical leave can be given up to one Month.
(C) If a student is absent for more than 10 days without a leave application his/her name is struck off, in that case RE-ADMISSION FORMALITIES will have to be completed.
(D) Half day leave is not permitted to any student. Students will be permitted to leave the campus in very pressing circumstances only with parents and any two other persons assigned (total 4 persons), the student will be handed over to no one else besides them.


  • Is my uniform clean and neatly ironed?
  • Am I wearing the correct uniform as per the day?
  • Am I wearing the correct shoes? Are they polished and clean?
  • Am I wearing clean socks?
  • Is my shirt neatly tucked into my Trouser / Shorts / Tunic?
  • Am I wearing my tie and belt properly?
  • Are my hair neatly combed and cut?
  • Is my face fresh and clean?
  • Are my nails cut and hands clean?
  • For senior boys --- Have I shaved and trimmed my moustache? (Students are expected to have clean shaven faces but for religious reasons prior written permission must be taken to grow shave)
  • For Girls --- Are my hair neatly combed / plaited ? (No fashionable accessories and unnecessary style is permitted and Girls with Long hair are to make two plaits.)